Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Renuka wrote an earlier blog this year called “It’s all about the curves”. Make sure you read it. I have to write this follow up blog emphasizing the important and accessible technology called Gravity Fit. This was invented by Dr. Carolyn Richardson as Australian physiotherapist and researcher, who has spent her career studying the spinal curves and how to turn on the core to support them. 

I have been a PT for 32 years now and know that “we” as a society are in BIG trouble, muscular-skeletally speaking (one thing at a time) due to our posture and poor ability to support our curves. Dr. Richardson knew this well and promised that she had something in mind to help this and it is here!  “GRAVITY FIT” 

Renuka and I have had the pleasure to study with her, learn the system and we want to share it with you.

I have been using it, as has my husband and all my friends and their children. It is a simple system and yes looks a little funny but it is based on research done by an AUTHORITY in the field. Among Dr. Richardson’s, impressive bio is the work she did with the European Space Agency, where they shared research to learn about how to help the astronauts with the problem of losing 50% of their muscle -all the core muscles -while in space. The movers remain causing imbalances and yes, pain. Well, the same thing is happening to the seated worker and slumped walker, gym goer, even athletes and definitely to our children. 

I have been quoting Carolyn for years. “ We are turning into jellyfish”! Muscular skeletal pain is at an all time high!. 

Dr. Richardson has given us the solution and we have incorporated it into our practice and have it available for anyone who wants to set up an appointment to get the system and learn how to use it. There is NOTHING else like this and I can confidently say that we don’t have a better solution. Certainly, telling people to sit up straight, does not work.

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Wearing the Gravity fit tools while walking, doing exercise and even while sitting at the desk can recharge your core, like recharging your cellphone and keep you injury and pain free. 

Call to reserve your Gravity Fit System and learn how to use it. 

Ann Duffy, MA, PT
Wearing Gravity Cap