Monday, September 24, 2012

Overcome Your 'Physical Therapy Blues' at Duffy and Bracken!!

Physical Therapy can bring a variety of emotions to an individual's mind. I have worked in Physical Therapy for seven years and have seen people come in for their initial appointments indecisive, anxious, scared and even some delighted believe it or not. Some have been in pain for days, months, and even years so taking that final step and scheduling an appointment to be treated can be a blissful feeling. Working at Duffy and Bracken, I see a change in patients as they go through their treatment. Many are excited to be able to return to the activities they have had to put on hold and to simply be pain free.
At the front desk I speak with many individuals a day with various injuries and set backs, with the variety comes different attitudes. Many are hesitant to begin their therapy because they have doubts they won't improve. An improvement is possible; it just takes time as well as patience and of course the willingness to spend money on those co-pays. Some patients have wanted to put off therapy because of their co-pays or coinsurance. One should keep in mind that you aren't going to be in therapy forever, taking that 4-6 weeks to commit to your therapy will definitely be money worth spending.
I become used to seeing our dedicated patients every week and when they get discharged, it's bittersweet. Sad because I'll no longer see a patient 2 to 3 times a week but happy because they committed to their therapy and got better with the help of the therapists and aides at Duffy & Bracken. As a patient you are not only committing time and money to improving your injury, you are learning new ways to keep your body strong and healthy....Who wouldn't want that?
Something unique about Duffy and Bracken is that several different programs are available for you, outside of traditional physical therapy treatments. There are specialized programs offered that can help any and everyone from an avid runner to a grandmother and at an affordable price. Visit for more information. You can purchase a performance package where you learn more specifically about your body and ways to improve it. One reason patients do return back to Physical Therapy (and I've heard this multiple times) is because once they are better they quit doing the things they were taught in treatment. Don't let that be your story. Keeping up with your body is very important and therapy as well as our specialized programs can help you now and in the future.
Vonceia Petteway
Administrative Staff

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