Monday, January 14, 2013

Physical Therapy for the 21st Century!

Physical Therapy never ceases to amaze me. I continue to be a huge advocate for the profession I fell in love with 34 years ago when I observed my first physical therapy session and the patient that was being treated told me that he had back pain for years and that PT cured him. I have heard that story so many times since then, from patients saying they thought they would be in pain the rest of their lives and that they should have come much sooner or that they were told that they would probably need surgery and now they no longer do. The pelvic work we do gives both men and women their life back, by strengthening the muscle to cure incontinence or stretching it to allow a normal sex life.
The future of Physical Therapy is not only to be able to get people out of pain or dysfunction sooner, reduce surgeries and medication use but also to prevent the ever growing need for joint replacements, assisted and nursing home living. This is not only the future of PT but it must be the future of the country. We cannot afford the ever-looming healthcare escalations.
We need to practice progressive and preventative medicine even if our archaic insurance companies and government haven't embraced it yet.
Physical Therapists have so much knowledge to share with you about your bodies and how to prevent future injuries and pain. It is crazy not to seek their help... I certainly do! I have been a physical therapist for 29 years and I know that when I have muscular skeletal pain or I'm having trouble with my sports performance and my instructor whether tennis, skiing, golf etc isn't completely solving the issue, I turn to our sports physical therapist to get the exercise or body correction needed to complete the task. An instructor can teach the correct technique but they don't change your body so you can perform the technique. That takes a physical therapist's knowledge.
This mindset of prevention and getting the help of physical therapists has and will keep me active. So far in my 50 years, I have climbed to Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the Milford Sound Trek, hiked many mountains, biked many hills and continue to jump on my wake board, surf board, snowboard or skis plus play competitive tennis and golf, all without incident, and my bucket list is still full. I plan on bucket listing into my 90's. What's on your bucket list and how can we help you continue to play the game of an active lifestyle.
I highly recommend it!

Ann Duffy, M.A., P.T.

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