Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The "SAG" of Sports

Hollywood has started this year with a flurry of award ceremonies. The Golden Globes were awarded earlier this month and the celebrities have now walked the red carpet and claimed their awards at the SAG this weekend --- a precursor to the much-awaited Oscars!!!

In the recreational world we can draw a similar comparison the SAG a precursor to all other sports.

SAG = Swimming; Athletics; Gymnastics are the corner stones the foundation to all other sports. Lets look at each one individually…

Swimming—repetitive single symmetrical motion in an unchanging medium viz. water. The rhythmic constant roll of the trunk on the surface of water while the arms and legs work; both over and under the surface to allow for a good cardiac and endurance muscle work load.

Athletics—is the big umbrella for track and field activities-- with the key element running. Running a symmetrical repetitive motion of trunk in the transverse plane with the arms and legs in the frontal plane. Single arm throws like the discus, javelin, and hammer – all distance throws find its way into modern day baseball and football

Gymnastics—now here there is 3 dimensional movement in the vertical plane in addition to the horizontal and frontal planes. The base for all sports that involve jumping movements. And you thought the backward flips on the football field were a coincidence!! What about slam dunk that happens at the hoops at MSG?

Like everything in life, a solid strong base is essential for the pyramid on top to balance. Good side to side agility is important for tennis, good stop and start or braking is important for basketball, a good squat position is essential for downhill skiing…. the list is endless.

Your performance in any sport is only as good as the foundation both in technical skill and physical prowess.

So come on over to see us here where I can teach you to challenge yourself in our studio be on the gravity training system, sliding board, hurdles or medicine ball.

What are you waiting for --- come claim your own award!!

Renuka Pinto, MPT, CSCS, CES
Sports and Musculoskeletal Therapist

PT at Beijing Olympics 2008

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