Monday, February 27, 2012

LEAP >>>>>>Into Better HEALTH!!!

This week we have that extra day in February --- yes I’m talking about the leap year 2012…. It’s a day that comes around once every 4 years --- this week is that week!

Rather than looking at it as just another Wednesday --- Perhaps we should look at it as an extra day that comes around --- It’s a bonus day --- a day for those of us who are planners should go unaccounted for.

So here’s my challenge to you this Wednesday --- take a five minutes of the day --- to take Stock on your health status --- check all the portfolios --- blood pressure, optimal heart rate, body fat, BMI, waist size, diet habits, exercise routine.

--- Take mental notes…then answer the question


If the answer is yes; then I urge you to celebrate this bonus day that comes once every four years around…. Celebrate it with a smile, celebrate it someone dear to you, celebrate it because --- its your life!

If the answer is no; then perhaps you can use this bonus day to make the commit towards improving the not so optimal you… get into an exercise based program, find a exercise buddy, make that long awaited trip to the dietitian or just make that promise to yourself.

And if you don’t know where to go…..

Come to us here at Duffy and Bracken
We have programs to meet your needs at an individual level………..
Whether its our Wellness program—for those with chronic illness like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis
Functional Program---for those who need to get through their work week
Sports program – for those weekend athletes who need the extra edge
Fitness Program—for those looking to shed those extra pounds

Let us be your springboard as you make that LEAP!!!
Musings of a Physical Therapist
Renuka Pinto, Director

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