Monday, June 4, 2012

Where the Rubber Meets the Road....

There is no doubt that it's heating up outside and we are beginning to get a taste of summer. As the warm up continues, so does our outside activity. For some of us enjoying the outdoors mean more than just picnicking outside or lying out by the pool. That is not to say relaxing is a bad thing, in fact, it is needed. However, many take this time to commit to participating in something more like a fundraising walk or a fall marathon. 

Making the decision to participate in a marathon is one thing, preparing yourself properly is quite another. Not even as a seasoned runner should it be taken lightly. Sometimes we can get so fixated on the end goal that we forget about the little steps we need to take along the way. Your performance can be affected by any number of things but your preparation and training will truly tell your marathon story. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind during your marathon training:

1. Pre-run: Do 5 reps of squats, lunges and step-ps to get your blood flowing to your leg muscles. Jumping in place for a minute is an easy way to get your heart rate up. 

2. Post-run: Concentrate on long hold stretches. Remember to stretch easily forgotten about areas like your lower back. 

3. Pick the right shoes: Whether you're walking or running make sure that your shoes are designed for that purpose. Duffy & Bracken Physical Therapist, Renuka Pinto, suggests writing the start date on your new shoe so you can remember when to change it. Typically, you should change your shoes every 3-4 months if you run 5 days/wk. 

4. Invest in breathable socks: Get yourself some breathable socks with moisture wicking. You won't be sorry! These socks are comfortable, durable, fast drying and will help prevent blisters. 

5. Keep hydrated: Never leave home without your water bottle! Plus eat snacks to fuel you on long runs.
6. Protect your skin: Don't forget to wear your sunscreen. 

If you want to stay injury free get your running style assessed by an expert. Here at Duffy & Bracken Physical Therapy, we offer a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) that evaluates your movement patterns. The program was developed by the nation's top physical therapists and designed to identify imbalances in the way you move as well as teach you new movements that allow you to perform at your best. Visit us at for more information about the FMS program. 

 Kieffer Pearce
Director of PR & Marketing
Renuka Pinto
Director of PT
Duffy & Bracken Physical Therapy

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