Monday, June 3, 2013

Help Us End The Unfair Practice of "Specialty Copays"

A Bill (S.2319/A.1666) put forth by The New York Physical Therapy Association (NYPTA) is on the current NY State Assembly agenda and we need your help to get it passed. The unfair practice of so-called "specialty" copays is costing patients in dollars and forgone treatment, leaving New York State with a more costly and less effective health care system. 

Managed care companies continue to restrict access to physical therapy services by imposing "specialty" copayments of $40-$50. As the patient you maybe paying $50, while your insurance company is paying the physical therapist $5 or $10. Managed care health insurers have designated physical therapists as specialists for copayment purposes, allowing health plans to charge patients more per visit while maintaining reimbursement levels to physical therapists at 1980's levels, shifting more of the cost burden onto the backs of consumers and pushing PT's near bankruptcy.

These specialty copayments add up for New Yorkers, since physical therapy frequently requires multiple visits over an extended period of time as the practice of physical therapy works in conjunction with the healing process. In 10 visits the patient may pay ($50 X 10) $500 while the insurer pays ($5 X 10) $50. You have a COPAY and they have a Nopay.                                       
The bottom line is this: HIGH COPAYS HURT PATIENTS

The bill is currently in committee and we need your help to move it along. Please call your NYS Legislator and tell them to stop high copays for physical therapy care and to support S.2319/A.1666. This will help end the imposition of additional copays on New Yorkers for physical therapy services.

Ann Duffy, MA., P.T.
Owner, Duffy and Bracken Physical Therapy

 Ways You Can Help!  

Talking Points for High Co-Pay Legislation - S.2319/A.166

Find your NYS Legislator

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