Friday, June 21, 2013

Ready, Set, Go The Distance Injury Free!

Are you preparing for a marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k? Let the experts at Duffy & Bracken help you get ready for your race with our Marathon Training Program. We have put together a dynamic team of therapists to help our patients prepare for their race as well as prevent injuries.

Here at Duffy & Bracken our therapists want to see you perform at your best, so they have arranged an incredible package to get you ready for your chosen race. Since every individual has special needs and are at different fitness levels, we give you the option of choosing three out of the four available sessions. You have the power to decide what sessions you would benefit the most from based on your areas of strength and weakness.

Marathon Package Session 1:  “The Rub Down”
This 50-minute massage will utilize both deep tissue and medical massage techniques to restore your optimal performance. Physical Therapist Johann Howard helps to reduce pain, facilitate increased range of motion and improve tissue quality.

Marathon Package Session 2: “Body Fuel”

This 20-minute session will include tips on performance eating, proper hydration as well as suggestions on the finest supplements such as; gels, chews and recovery drinks. You will receive nutritional advice from physical therapist and avid runner, C. Shante Cofield. Since Shante is always training for her next race, she knows where you’re coming from. She’ll provide support, motivation and recommendations on informational reading about running.

Marathon Package Session 3: “It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint”
This 30-minute session will start by assessing your current training program. It will include a gait analysis, running stride and lower extremity mechanics evaluation. For optimal running the session will include core training and lower extremity strength training. Internationally trained therapist, Renuka Pinto, has been working with professional athletes for over a decade, so she won’t have a problem whipping you into shape. She’s our foot expert, so she will also make shoe and socks recommendations based on your individual foot type and running style.

Marathon Package Session 4: “The Finish Line”

This 20-minute post-marathon session will evaluate you after the race. It will include both corrective exercises for common running injuries as well as preventative exercises to avoid future injuries. Our therapists will be here to patch you back up and get you into a treatment plan if needed.

For just $250 we help prepare you for your most successful race yet. Whether it’s your very first race or you’re a veteran, we can help you cross the finish line injury free.

Call the office to reserve your sessions today!

Kieffer Pearce
Director of PR & Marketing


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