Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gravity: the constant

It’s been over two years since I have immersed myself into the Gravity Fit system. On reflection I feel I missed acknowledging the obvious and its worth for the first 15 years of my clinical practice.

The obvious being gravity is the ONLY constant in your life. It's dependable, it's unchanged, it's predictable and it's the same all over the world at any given time.

But what changes is its effect on you and your interaction with it during life. When you were a baby you had to overcome and learn to hold yourself up to gravity. You practiced and fell down a couple of times until you got proficient to be able to turn, walk, run and jump.

Your joints and gravity found a balance and harmony -- you moved and negotiated movement through gravity’s force.Then came sitting for hours at school, infront of the TV, the computer and smartphones. The age of technology caused us to lose our relationship with gravity as loss and lack of motion caused us to have loss of sensitivity to its force.

Yes, you lose the ability of your anti-gravity muscles to support you. So when you run or jump or walk or turn in gravity without being sensitive to its force --- you hurt yourself.

Not to mention while you age and become less supple in your ligaments your joints degenerate while gravity stays constant. To help combat this at Duffy and Bracken we have two gravity programs that we offer our patients- Gravity Fit and Gravity Training System (GTS)Your hands and corrective exercises provide the ability to align yourself with the force of Gravity, then these programs turn on the muscles needed to maintain this relationship and combat the adverse forces of a sedentary lifestyle.

So my motto " the sooner you get into a HAPPY relationship with gravity the less movement problems you have in your lifetime "

Renuka Pinto, PT, MA
Clinical Director

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