Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Health Insurance vs Health Assurance

It's a perspective on the Quantity to life vs the Quality of life.

We always prepare for the worst and roll with the punches! And we use the same approach for our health.

We have health insurance for all the possible things that can wrong and we get an annual physical, annual dental and get screened for cancers.Then we sit back and roll with the punches.

We accept the low back stiffness, neck pain, headaches, rickety knees and tight hips. 

What if you had health assurance? Then you would enjoy the QUALITY of life rather than the quantity.

So when health expenses is your number one expense--- don't you want to be in the driver seat?

Here's how you can do it:

1. Screen the system you use the most-- your muscles and joints

2. Find out how you place within your age group

3. Change the future by investing in the present

Here at Duffy and Bracken we offer wearable sensors technology to measure the movement of your spine and impact on your joints. Then we provide solutions to help keep them healthy.

Our approach is specific -- it's individual --  it's scientific --  it's quantitative -- it's innovative -- it's the future!

We believe you can have a pain-free life if you move efficiently.

Why not check your score and improve your game plan!

Renuka Pinto, PT
Clinical Director


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